Eight people around a table discussing social media icons

Your potential employer is likely to be using LinkedIn. He/She may be searching LinkedIn for suitable candidates for a position that is unadvertised. Alternatively, he/she may check LinkedIn before or after you have completed your interview as a way of checking your credibility.

“The first thing we do after receiving an application is a Google search to see what comes up in facebook and LinkedIn” – Adelaide Accountant 

It's not just employers who use social media, proactive job seekers are also using LinkedIn as the website acts as a living up-to-date résumé that also reveals a little more of their personality, and gives an insight into their professionalism. A further exciting benefit of LinkedIn is that you can find out so much about your potential interviewers and interesting employers with a little active research. Before the days of LinkedIn it was easy for receptionists to prevent you talking to the professionals in their company, but now there are new ways to make contacts. 

So let’s have a look at whether you are using LinkedIn effectively for your job search.

1. Your profile

Does your professional headline capture your current job and your preferred future job? You may choose to give a job title (IT Consultant), or a description of how you benefit your clients/customers/patients (e.g. Cloud computing advice to get your business working faster). You can also describe more than one aspect of your job (Cloud Consultant, Coach and researcher).

2. Summary

Is your summary positive and accurate? Does it contain relevant and interesting information? Have you used key words? Have you used words to draw a picture of who you are as a professional?

3. Experience

Have you added information to each of your past positions? Have you mentioned your previous accomplishments?

4. Picture

Does your picture have a head and shoulders photo of you in professional dress?

5. Recommendations

Do you have recommendations?

6. URL

Does your LinkedIn URL contain your name?

Is LinkedIn a part of your job seeking strategy? It should be!