We offer career coaching

Here are some reasons people have come to Living Career for coaching:
•    “I have no idea what to do with my life”
•    “I want a job with purpose”
•    “I’m not sure what to study”
•    “How do I get a job without experience?”
•    “I want a complete change of job but I don’t know what to do”
•    “I’m applying for jobs but I haven’t been selected”
•    “I want to improve my résumé and cover letter”
•    “I don’t want to be an employee any more – what now?”
•     “I have to improve my interview skills”
•    “I hear people get jobs using social media, how can I do this?”

You may have a similar question for the career coach.

Coaching Services

We offer a variety of services for decisions making and job seeking.

Career Decision Making and Transition

You can expect your one hour sessions to be tailored to your needs. You will be asked questions by your career coach in order to thoroughly understand your situation. You will then work with your career coach to analyse your situation using an objective, non-judgemental approach.  

By the end of your one hour session you will have a written list of the next steps you need to take, activities, research and exercises, together with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and confidence.

The coaching style uses a solution focussed approach that is based on positive psychology.

Usually people choose to have three sessions over a period of a few months.


Job seeking and applying for jobs

The Living Career approach is to help you develop the skills in order to succeed in your job search.
Most people choose to concentrate on one of the following in their hour long session:

Job seeking strategy

This session is ideal if you have been looking for work for a while and haven’t been successful. The purpose of the session is to find out what is stopping you from succeeding; by the end of the session you will have analysed your current job search and have new approaches to winning the job you want.

You may choose to book in for weekly or fortnightly job seeking consultations to keep you motivated and organised whilst looking for work.


One hour consultations are $135. ($110 for students and graduates who have not started working full time)